A hearty welcome to both newcomers and returning veterans of the FLFFL (Fingerlakes Football League). If you've clicked into our website, we sincerely hope that you'll join us this year, our 23rd, for a unique brand of fantasy football; it is quite different than the standard "draft" leagues and, we think, a whole lot of fun.

  • The 2016 FLFFL Season starts with first week of play, officially Thursday Sept. 8 at 8:30 p.m! (Week 1 rosters can still be adjusted until 1 p.m. Sunday the 11th, just not with Thursday night players)
  • Player and Schedule data will be added and edited throughout August, so don't worry if you see errors during pre-season.
  • Registered users can log in at the right any time. If you can't remember your login information, use the "Lost your password..." link below the login area.
  • NEWBIES are welcome to contact us with questions or read through our tutorial any time.
  • NEWBIES can also register and check out our roster management and weekly reports system even during the off season. League fees are not due until shortly before the start of the football season.
  • Included in our links is an explanation of how we play (The Game), an entry form, our league records and details of how we score the league.

Have fun & good luck.

Bill Wynkoop -- The New Commish (aka Cardinals in the East)

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